Guest Bloggers

Meet our Do713 Guest All Star Bloggers!

Jessie Hobson

I have strong opinions and a knack for storytelling. I’m the guy who sends glasses of water across a crowded bar to a group of  girls. I eat my hot-dogs from the center. I am Jessie Hobson

Joseph Acosta

I amnative ofHouston and a very big metal head.  I’m a big fan of all Houston sports, rugby, shiner and jager.

Chris Lopez

 I am a young and striving writer and love music. It’s actually an unnatural love, but with that I am able to tell people about the latest shows and concerts. I listen to older music and also love movies. Also, I work with computers….not as exciting. My goal is to attend all of the big music festivals in the US and the UK.

Cory Martin

“Too old and too smart to be so unsophisticated, but this is my style and Bob’s your uncle. If I’m not at the show tweeting and instagramming like the hipster cliché I unabashedly resemble, chances are I’m playing bass in one of the opening bands. Cheers and here’s to seeing you ’round town!”

Daniel Glover

“Daniel Glover lives by the motto “Committed to Fun” and does his level best  to make the most out of life in the Bayou City–a city over 1000 miles from where he grew up but one he’s proud to call home.  He works in IT by day but keeps his evenings full by taking in Houston’s cultural delights be they musical, culinary, or of the liquid variety.  ”

Jenny Selber

I’m a lover of music, people, experiences, the great outdoors and all things new! Oh, and I could make conversation with a wall, if I had to.  When I’m not at work, you can find me catching local shows, screaming at the TV as my favorite college football teams and/or the Texans play, planning social gatherings, being outrageous and exploring this fabulous city of ours!

Howard Lee

Howard is a native of Houston. His most memorable moment as a teen was either the Midnight Oil or My Bloody Valentine concert he went to in his formative years. He currently wanders around the Midtown, East End neighborhoods eating, drinking, listening and commiserating. He is still amazed at all the things he is still discovering about our fair city.

Jesse Cuellar

Happily married with children. Devoted family man that is still trying to figure this whole “Parenthood” thing out. Enjoys in the partaking of libations amongst his compatriots whilst watching some of his favorite bands play. Also the world’s most tenderest lover.

Matthew Mendez


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