Crystal Method by Chris L.

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Through out the past few years we have seen a rise in the rave culture across the world with DJs and Producers completely selling out stadiums full of thousands of avid lovers of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Skrillex, Deadmau5, and AviciI have all become house hold names but they have just emerged in the past few years. Looking back before the techno scene emerged we see a duo who surfaced during the mid 90’s who changed the scene for ever. These two men began a culture and revolution that at the time was the scene in the UK and made it an ever popular genre across clubs in the US.

The Crystal Method stopped by Fitzgerald on the 4rm of June. The group not only put on an extravagant experience with their music but demonstrated why they are the founders is electronic music. Their mixes were flawless pulling from different genres and samples to create the perfect fluid sound that moved the audiences around the wooden dance floor.

Grrrl parts opened for the duo and did a nice job combining current dance tracks as well as recalling others to mix a soils set, but was at time faulty when it came to transitions which was only highlighted even more when The Crystal Method took the turntable.

Being big in the 90s meant that the crowd was a bit of an older crowd as well as having been added a bit last minute have a smaller crowd which made the show even that much more intimate. The music was beyond that of what current DJs play and only having two turntables and a few buttons to add effects and loops  showed the true power and skill the group has.

Just because they are from an earlier era does not mean they were inflexible with their tracks. the group played some top 40 mixes as well as some dubstep. They are the perfect example of a combination of old and new school mixing as production which can captivate both audiences.

As the night progressed the two members of The Crystal Method took turns on the tables each brining a unique sound and style to the show. There was much fan interaction which made the show even that much better. The light show was a bare minimum of lights whom only flashed at certain times which gave more importance to the actual beats in comparison to an actual show.

The flawless transitions and creative genius these two have is no comparison to anything currently out in the mainstream rave scene. They stopped by last year and once again this past summer, hopefully they keep up with this tradition and continue to visit Houston, the city who inspired and was help create a track for ths duo.


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