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Must See Show: The Head And The Heart

Don’t have plans tonight? Down to see live shows? I’ve got the perfect solution
for you: The Head And The Heart at Warehouse Live. This fairly young (formed in
2009), Seattle born, folk/pop outfit is a must-see live act. With undeniably on point
harmonies, their vocals are out of this world.

You may know them for their radio hit, “Lost in My Mind,” an unbelievably catchy
tune from their first, self-titled album that most singer/songwriters only dream
of creating. If you know me well, then you know I’m incapable of falling out of
love with the strikingly beautiful song, “Rivers and Roads” from the same album. I
especially love this one because of the lead role Rose, the only female in the group,
has throughout it.

View a video of my “Rivers and Roads” here: 

Warehouse Live will be the perfect venue for this group, too, as a more intimate,
indoor space lends itself perfectly to their harmony heavy vibe. Even if you aren’t
a fan of the folk genre, this one isn’t to be missed. I was shocked at just how much a
folk group could jam, and they really did, and will tonight.

If you haven’t already, grab your tickets; at only $18 a pop it’s totally worth it. If you
end up making it out, come say hi, if you don’t (shame on you), you can follow me at
the show in real time on twitter: @theotherselber!


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