Devin The Dude at House Of Blues by Cory M.

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You can reliably expect to see two things at a hip hop show; lateness

and at least a half dozen dudes before the headliner. Devin’s show at
House of Blues did not take exception to that rule. After the requisite
half dozen (quite good) rappers had passed across the stage, Devin
entered with only minutes to spare before midnight.

The first opener was Luke Duke, who said he’d won a contest to open for
Devin. From Texas City originally (and with one of the most appropriate
handles I’ve ever seen for a white, southern rapper), it’s easy to
assume he was present as some kind of reverse affirmative action in hip
hop, designed to lure in all the money from the Vanilla Ice looking
bros who were out in full force at Saturday’s concert. Luke, however,
flowed over some impressively deep bass and percussion. Clever rhymes
and a quick, clean pace made it apparent he won whatever contest that
brought him to the stage fair and square. He also must’ve brought a
significant portion of his fan base, as there was no shortage of Luke
Duke apparel in the crowd, underscored by the “Luke Duke” chant he
summoned as he walked off stage.

B.Rolla and DJ Dif’Rent with Java Starr took the reins after Luke Duke,
keeping things firmly focused on recreational herb smoking. They knew
their audience well if the plumes of exhaled pot smoke I saw rising
from a dozen different places in the crowd were any indication. The
feel of their set was very casual, reassured that the fans were present
and they didn’t have anything to prove.

“Hands up if you smoke weed!” yielded quite a few hands when B.Rolla
shouted it to get everyone pumped for Devin’s arrival.
The smooth confidence displayed, in contrast to the brasher strain of
braggadocio that informs most hip hop artist’s style, was a consistent
theme throughout the concert and pinnacled by Devin’s entrance.

Yes; don’t let the blurry iPhone photo deceive you, that is Devin
walking on stage and immediately lighting a joint. It was an impressive
feat of multitasking to hold a mic, light up, and still spit his
lyrics without a single stumble. Devin’s smooth entrance was all of a
piece with the very eclectic and diverse background that informs his
unassuming, self-assured style. “Gotta Be Me”, with the characteristic
stripped down and bass-heavy beats of the southern style he helped
pioneer, layered with his smooth flow and occasionally unexpected
lyrical turn, only intensified the crowd’s cool enthrallment and the
heavy presence of chronic smoke in the venue. Devin would take the
lead on that vibe and drive it home through his whole set, wrapping
up “Anythang”, nearly blowing out the house sound with a ridiculously
fat low end all while keeping things relaxed and fun. The tour may be
named “Seriously Tripping[…]”, but the show itself was seriously

Favorite Quotes:

“you can follow me on twitter at…”
– every dude onstage with a mic

“YouTube his motherfuckin’ ass!!”


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