Brew Pub Beer Brunch a sunny success at City Acre Brewing By Daniel Glover

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The gorgeous weather was only outshined by the delicious craft beer and food on display at City Acre Brewing this past Saturday. Called the “April Ale Thrill”, the sold out preview event showed what Houston’s weekend brunchers have to look forward to when City Acre opens its brew pub doors this fall. The fete paired four adventurous beers and a ginger beer with house-ground sausage, scones, biscuits, and a malted-cream frosting cinnamon roll that stole the culinary show. In the libation department, the Fermette de Saison was the crowd favorite with extremely honorable mention going to Gulden Squawk-a Belgian Golden Strong ale, and the spicy Queen MAB ginger beer.

An oasis taking up an entire city block on the near North side, City Acre Brewing is not leaving any space to waste. They grow as much of their own food as possible, including the dewberries and loquats used to make the butters and jams that were right at home atop the baked tasties. And while Twitter and Facebook were rife with CAB positively about the food, drink, and space, improvements to the building and vast biergarten are getting underway. Owner/Brewer Matt Schlabach hopes to have one more event in the summer before hunkering down to put finishing touches on City Acre. And when that day in October arrives, Houston’s craft beer and food lovers will rejoice.

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Patrons take in brews, food, and rays at City Acre Brewing’s “April Ale Thril”

Photo courtesy of Gary Borders

City Acre Brewing’s Owner/Brewer Matt Schlabach will open his brewpub doors this October

Photo courtesy of Jen Mok


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