DevilDriver @ House of Blues 4.21.12 // By Joseph Acosta

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The Metal Alliance tour with headliners DevilDriver, made its final stop last night at the House of Blues downtown. If you missed DevilDriver tonight, don’t expect to get to see them until 2013. I unfortunately couldn’t make it for the whole show (I went to see Evanescence at buzzfest first), but probably saved my ears since most of the bands line up I don’t think are very good anyway. (except for 3 inches of blood, awesome). Most of the crowd was gone by the time I arrived for DevilDriver since many of the younger fans show up for the deathcore bands, which I think will die out soon enough..but I get why they like them. I hate the fact that DevilDriver has toured with deathcore bands, but it makes sense to try and get a new crowd of fans. But sadly most of these kids walk out before they even get a chance to check out DevilDriver… No different than the past few times they’ve been here, DevilDriver opened their set and the pit with End of the Line. It’s the perfect build up when the lights go out and the intro tape playing to pump up the crowd. Their set was mixed with about 2-3 songs from each of their five albums. There was a constant pit and the energy was flowing. Dez kept the crowd into, telling everyone to keep the pit moving and to sing louder. Guitarists Mike and Jeff never let up with their headbanging either, setting the standard for everyone there. The only problem in my opinion tonight, which I see at many shows, is that some people don’t realize they are at a heavy metal show. If you are at the front, it’s common knowledge you will get pushed around a little bit, but it’s part of the show. Some people take offense when they get moved.. As Dez said tonight, their shows are a “full contact sport.” and he expects to see the crowd moving. Also, don’t wear heels either. You’re at a concert, not clubbing. DevilDriver went through 13 songs in just an hour and closed with of course, Meet the Wretched. It was nice to see Dez actually make sure the whole floor opened up as much as possible before starting the song. It waas a great way to end their set and their US tour this year. If you missed them this time around, you missed a great

show. Their groove metal sound is something that every fan of metal and even hard rock should check out at least once. They are truly a touring machine and treat their job with such passion. Be on the look out in 2013 and don’t miss em



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  1. So many things to laugh at here, I don’t know where to start. Please next time stay at the Evanescence show.

    To mention “metalcore” in reference to Dying Fetus, who have been around a over decade prior to Devil Driver and even beginnings of what would “deathcore”, much less “metalcore”, is simply idiotic. To lump faceless in metalcore is also fairly baseless given all their roots lie directly in death metal genres.

    The idea that these bands have a younger less experienced fanbase defys logic. Consider first, that by all signs, Devil Driver is, much like Coal Chamber before them, a copycat band at best, latching on to so called “New Revival American Heavy Metal” bands like God Forbid, Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage.

    So not only is placing Devildriver in a league to look down on even true young scene bands prolly over selling their significance, it reveals your overall ignorance on he subject.

    And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind devildriver really. Nor am I defending the actual current metalcore scene (not that even Job for a Cowboy even belongs in that genre much less the other 2) I just find your ignorance laughable.

    So do me a favor, as much as I enjoy that do713 is covering a metal show, please pass it to someone who didn’t grow up on Korn and HedPE. Especially while covering extreme metal genres with kiddie metal headliners.

    Thanks for inspiring the rant, it was cathartic

    • I know dying fetus isn’t metalcore or anything close to it. I honestly didnt grow up listening to korn and only know their hits. I don’t know anything about hedpe other than their name. Give me a shout on facebook, love to talk about music.


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