Visit With at This Year’s Annual Pride Parade

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Last time I checked, Houston was the largest community for bisexuals in the U.S. We also have one of the largest gay pride parades in the country. Our annual Pride Parade is this weekend!

As more than just a parade, the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) community and their supporters will come out in droves for the parade and other events surrounding this weekend. Think of it as Mardis Gras, on a whole new and fabulously spectacular level. Rather than throwing beads, and other (useless) pieces of plastic – these parade participants will be tossing out – (yes, beads) & some, ehem, more useful pieces of synthetic material. Live entertainment will bedazzle as well. The festivities kick off early, so if attending the parade isn’t your thing, no worries. Hit up the Montrose/Westheimer quadrant of this wonderful city to get your fix!

Check us out!!!

During the day on Saturday, why not stop by our Do713 booth and chat?! Also keep an eye out for our very own Pride Parade Float (below)!!! Thanks, Catillac!!!!

Parting thoughts: It is not enough to tolerate diversity in humanity. Acceptance is key.

Acceptance > Tolerance

Much mad love,



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