Free screening of Red Riding Hood; Exhibit: The Whole World Was Watching

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From the directors of Twilight comes a new thriller, based on a 700 year old legend. Red Riding Hood will be nationally released this Friday but has free tickets to the advance screening which is Wednesday. Click “I like it” on the event page for your chance at a free pair. Edwards Greenway Palace 24, 7:30 p.m.

A Do713 Top Pick, “The Whole World Was Watching” is an exhibit of civil-rights era photographs. Over 200 photos from 6 photographers are on display until September 25. The exhibit is a direct reflection of the changes that took place in the U.S. during that time period. Imagery ranges from marches; politics; the Ku Klux Klan; anti-Vietnam protests; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and more. Currently on display at two venues: The Menil Collection &  the Gregory School library in Houston’s historic Freedman’s Town.

This Wednesday, Martina McBride’s powerful pipes will entertain Rodeo goers. McBride has been a country star since the late 1990’s and has been called the Céline Dion of country music.

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