Rice U’s Farmers Market – Every Tuesday

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If you’ve ever been to Onion Creek on a Saturday morning, chances are you’ve witnessed and maybe even shopped at the Houston Farmer’s Market. This market now has a larger, second location on the Rice University campus and has been renamed Rice University Farmers Market. Houston’s first Texas state certified farmer’s market also offers humanely raised meats, handmade cheeses, breads, organic baby food and more. Directions can be found here. Tuesdays 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Below are some great reasons why shopping locally is a good thing:

1.  Local food tastes better and is healthier.  It has been ripened in the field rather than in a shipping container and fewer nutrients are lost in transit.

2.  Local food preserves bio-diversity.  Local farms often grow a greater variety of plants and animals as opposed to large scale farming which uses limited varieties of plants and animals to maximize uniformity and shelf life.

4.  Local food has a smaller carbon footprint.  Local farmers and ranchers travel relatively short distances to bring what they grow to you.

5.  Local food supports local families.  Local farmers sell directly to their customers, cutting out the middleman and enabling them to support themselves by what they grow.  This means local dollars stay within the community and have three times the impact on the local economy. Whoa!


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