Lots to Talk About: Pharcyde; Main St. Block Party; etc, etc.

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In my younger days, I might’ve been able to write some swift lines about how this weekend will blow your mind. But instead I’ll just get straight to the point:

Pharcyde performing at Groundhall tonight! This early 90’s hip hop group (most everything great arguably came from the early 90’s) is something I personally can’t wait to check out. Partly for the sentimental value – Passin Me By – mostly for the experience. And at an affordable price too. We may have a few tickets left to give away; follow our Twitter page, for the chance to win…

Saturday from 2 p.m. – 2 a.m. the Main Street Block Party will be a mini fest featuring a plethora of local bands from all genres. One low price will guarantee you entry to all venues – think Houston Press Music Awards, but a bit smaller. Nahht Baahhd, Roight?! Bands like Ton Tons, Q &A, Searching For Signal, Muhammad Ali & many more will take the stage. Videos from bands I didn’t mention can be found at the link in this ‘graph. Check ’em out!

Sunday brings out the most athletic spirit in some of us – for me, it’s kickball. For others – Softball!! This Sunday will mark the recruitment & mixer for the largest gay sports league in Houston. Guava Lamp will welcome any and everyone interested in joining the league, or merely in it for a spectator sport (wink wink). Meet the new players and join the league – maybe you’ll hit a home run or two this season…..




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