TabbedOut Coming to Houston!

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Ever wait 15  minutes just to close out your tab at a bar or restaurant? Or wondered why you can’t just pay for stuff from your iPhone? Well, the creators of TabbedOut set out to answer these questions with a simple smartphone app.

It works like this: you enter your credit card information on your phone, open a bar/tab and then, when you’re ready to leave, simply pay your bill/tab from your phone. If you’re a picture person, check out an an overview of the process here.

TabbedOut has made its way into bars, restaurants and coffee shops all over Austin and is now coming to Houston. On Friday, The Owl Bar (3200 Kirby, right behind Cafe Express facing south) will be the first venue in town to unveil the system.

Come check it out on Friday between 6 and 10 PM.  To sweeten the deal, TabbedOut is buying a free drink for anyone who downloads and uses the app that night.

More details here:


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